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Frequently Asked Questions


How well does the Super Scooper perform on undulating pasture?

As the leading edge of the Super Scooper passes over the surface of the pasture any animal manure that comes into contact with the scoop blade will roll into the collection tray. Where undulations and depressions are present below the level of the scoop blade, a small portion of animal waste may pass beneath the scoop tray. In most terrains the Super Scooper will recover between 75 to 95% of animal waste with a single pass.


How well does the Super Scooper perform on rocky terrain?

Rocks that are loose and small in size are likely to be collected by the scoop tray without difficulty. Some common sense must be applied where there are exposed rocky outcrops that could snag a passing Super Scooper. This would place unnecessary stress on the towing vehicle, the towing hitch arrangement and the leading edge of the scoop tray.


Are there any long-term affects upon my pasture?

Regular use of the Super Scooper will have a positive effect upon pasture and horse yard areas. Gradually all loose stones and small depressions will be eliminated from these areas and the terrain surface will become smoother. The first time a Super Scooper is used small bumps, stones and soil outcrops are likely to be collected along with the animal waste. Subsequent use in the same areas will see a steady improvement in the surface quality and as a result animals will tend graze more evenly when heavy areas of animal waste are eliminated.


Can I tow a Super Scooper with my car?

Although it is possible to tow a super Scooper with a conventional or 4wd car, we don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. Primarily the difficulty is one of visibility. With a car it is quite difficult for the driver to see where the scoop tray is and to view how much waste has been collected. Also, a car is wider than the Super Scooper and this limits how close to fences and fixed obstructions the scoop tray may be able to collect the animal waste.


What amount of Horsepower do I need to tow the Super Scooper?

In general, most Ride on Mowers or Quad Bikes will have the capacity to tow the Super Scooper, however we don’t recommend anything under 11 horsepower.


What is the size of the Super Scooper?

The dimensions of the Super Scooper tray are 1230mm (Length) x 1210mm (Width) and 300mm(Height). (these dimensions exclude the towing hitch and the trailer wheels.) Its weight is approximately 40kg.


Does the Super Scooper only pick up Horse Poo? What about Alpaca & Cattle waste?

Testing and customer feedback have shown that the Super Scooper can also be used successfully on Alpaca waste. While Alpaca manure tends to crumble into small pellets and that this effect varies with the amount of water presently in the pasture, they also tend to excrete in the same location many times. This can quickly build up to a large heap that the Super Scooper can deal with effectively. Cattle waste is not as easy to deal with as it is very soft and tends to seep into grass making it difficult to extract with a Super Scooper and this is not recommended, although limited success has been reported after cattle waste has had some time to dry out.


What material is the Super Scooper made from?

The Super Scooper has been fabricated from galvanized (zinc plated) steel sheet and steel frame material. This is both strong and provides a reasonable level of resistance to corrosion.


How should I store my Super Scooper?

The most important thing to remember here is to store it empty. Like any trailer equipment, leaving concentrated waste inside for extended periods will promote corrosion. Storing it flat on the ground will tend to make it collect water, so store it vertically against a wall or fence – or even completely inverted. We recommend that the removable Towing Bar be extracted from the Super Scooper during storage where it may present a tripping hazard to people and horses passing by.


What other things can I carry with my Super Scooper?

This topic is covered in some detail within the user guide and warranty document, but in general this should be limited to around 60Kg. This means that the Super Scooper is ideal for transporting two regular 25Kg hay bales to a feed area.


How does the Super Scooper perform in Wet Conditions?

In general, it’s best to wait until your horse manure is firm before running the Super Scooper over it as it may spread the manure across the ground. Otherwise the Super Scooper will perform well on a wet pasture, provided the terrain is not overly muddy.